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Jump on the Video Marketing Bandwagon!

Video Marketing is an Amazing Way to Enhance your Business…

  • Did you know that one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words?
  • Customers trust websites that have videos and are far more likely to become your customer.
  • Our video marketing services will get you started quickly in harnessing the power of online video.
  • We will create a customized professional motion graphic video that will advertise your business.

Why Our Customers Love Us…

B2 creates customized videos

Customized Videos

Our company will take the time to understand your business, and create a custom video that will really grab people's attention.

We provide measurable results

Measurable Results

Our firm specializes in getting results for companies, not just providing videos. We are committed towards helping you use your videos effectively, so you can see a real increase in your business.

strategic planning for video marketing

Strategic Planning

We will help you determine the most effective marketing platforms to ensure your video gets seen by your target audience.

The Top Benefits of Video Marketing

  • Videos make you stand out from the crowd and get the attention of your target audience
  • Help you appear more professional
  • Are so much more memorable compared to traditional types of advertising
  • When used correctly, can be an incredible way to convey a message to your consumers.

Videos Dictate Emotion

A real marketer knows how to use emotion to their advantage. Obtaining that emotion with text is nowhere near as powerful as watching a video with full sound, adding a song that inspires, excites, or saddens, to get the point across.

What do you think is more powerful? Full-length blog discussing the plight of homeless animals, or that commercial you often see with the sad music and visuals to go along with it? The commercial is so emotional. It grabs everyone by the conscience and makes them want to donate to that cause.

By harnessing the power of human emotion, you have a better chance of getting the sale than with words alone.

Professional Actors & Actresses Available

Videos Clarify Purpose

online videos clarify purpose

Words can be tricky. Everyone is more careful with words. People often think there’s small print hidden somewhere or the writer has taken many liberties in how they describe a product. But a video is extremely straightforward and honest.

You can see someone going through the motions, using the product, enjoying the service, and even get to see the person selling it to you, seeing their passion and the love they have for their product, it’ll make potential customers open their wallets.

Videos will win over text ads any day of the week!

Amazing Animations

Conversion Rate Boost

When it comes to buying a product, or investing in a service, it’s human nature to want to get as close to that product as possible. If we can’t touch it or see it with our own two eyes, then a big, bright picture will do. But if you’re trying to sell something online, you need a video!

85% of people, according to a survey from Video Rascal, have said they’re more likely to purchase something if there is an accompanying video to go with it. Think about why late-night infomercials are so successful at raking in millions of dollars.

Even if the product is garbage, the user gets to watch a video of it being used and can be convinced, sold to, and entrenched into the story taking place on their screen. If you could show someone how your product or service works and how it can change their life, your sales will increase!

In effect, videos improve conversion rates by convincing the audience why they should invest in your product and/or service. There is no other medium as effective as video for getting your message out and into the world.

It’s also a good way to determine how well your ads are doing. If you start seeing a high number of views to your video, then you know at least how well your traffic is flowing and you can compare that total sales.

business video marketing boosts conversion rates

Compelling Logo Reveals

Running a Viral Campaign

viral video campaigns generate massive traffic

Depending on your product and/or service, you have a chance of your video going viral. There really isn’t a set of instructions for becoming viral. It’s just something that happens when a spark catches fire at the right time.

There are many products and advertisements that do go viral because of their video/commercial.  Old Spice is one of them. Their sales have increased by as much as 107% thanks to their commercials going viral.

For a lot of these videos, they’re not even meant as ‘commercials’ as you understand them today. A lot of companies make these types of explainer videos just for the YouTube audience. Or they do it to have a video on their landing page, to share on social media, and/or to catch fire and take their brand the next level.

Eye Catching Segments

The Internet Age Has Changed the Way We Do Business

Thanks to the Internet, the way we do business is changing rapidly. In a world that used to be about print and colorful images, we suddenly have new ways to connect unlike we’ve ever had before. Websites and blogs began popping up millions at a time all over the world.

The idea is to grab someone’s attention and never let it go. If you want to run a successful business, then you need to find a new way to get the message out and to tell your story. While email marketing, blogs, and social media are all great in their own way, there’s an even better way to attract and keep attention on your message.

Thanks to websites like YouTube, online videos are surging in popularity. Seeing explosive growth, more and more people are able to make, edit, and upload videos like never before. It doesn’t require a ton of expensive equipment or a huge financial investment.

Because of this, explainer videos are also rising in popularity. Currently, there is NO better marketing tool than explainer video.

People love content. How often do we scroll through Facebook and end up watching videos about things we’re really not that interested in? How often do you discover new things by watching a video that wasn’t even marketed to you?

And when you want to learn how to do something, what’s one of the first things we do to learn how to accomplish the task? We pull up YouTube and see if there’s a video about it. When we go to a business website, what’s the very first thing we see?  A video.

marketing with video is the new age of the internet

Videos Are Smart Investments

Investing in video marketing makes good business sense

Explainer videos are smart investments to make for any business as they do work like no other type of content can do. Because humans are visual creatures, were more likely to watch a video and get caught up in it versus reading a blog.

The way Google runs their algorithms, if you want to receive consideration for higher search rankings, they need to figure out a way to get visitors to stay on your website longer. That’s exactly what a video would do.

Let it be said again: people will sit and watch a video even if they’re not interested in the content. So, not only are explainer videos a great way to tell your story, they also improve your website search rankings on Google. Those two things alone are a great way to build your business.

Local Business Commercials


affordable video marketing pricing

Because this technology has advanced so quickly, making these types of videos are now cheaper than ever. For just $199, you can have a video custom-made for yourself and/or your business.  That’s it.  For that price, you get a full-motion 60 second video that will change the face of your business forever.

There are other price packages, from $199 up to $1,499, depending on your needs. You’re looking for simple video, that’s great! You like something with a bit more meat on the bones, perhaps with an animated logo and further optimization, we can do that for you as well.

Contact us today for more information on our services.  Let us show you the power of what video can do for you.